Augmented Reality for Intelligent Manufacturing

Empowering the Worker

Relevant information and Knowledge provided instantly

Improve Productivity

Rapid information to speed up operations


Advanced AR System for Smart Manufacturing
KIT-AR is a fully integrated industrial AR system that increases manufacturing productivity.

KIT-AR instantly provides all the information needed to assemble and engineer products efficiently. No more wasted time finding and interpreting technical documents and drawings.

Empowering workers with AR also helps to reduce costly errors.

Augmented reality is set to revolutionize manufacturing and early adopters will gain an edge over their competition.

KIT-AR is at the forefront of industrial AR technology offering products that are cutting-edge, yet user-friendly.

Our Solution


Support workers with an AR interface that provides specialist knowledge and details directly to a heads up display (HUD) when they need it.


Boost productivity and reduce errors with a set of intelligent modules that sense the working environment, monitor worker activity and intervene when necessary.


Build and manage AR work instructions that are tailored to your operations. A predefined annotation library is used to make the process simple and streamlined.


Gain valuable productivity and efficiency insights. Discover any recurring difficulties experienced by workers, identify productivity bottlenecks and oversee workflow improvements.



Production Support


Why Implement AR Technology?

Improve workforce skills

Instant provision of information

Streamline workflows and processes

Reduce errors and minimize costs



Research scientist
Workplace learning
Game-based learning


Manuel worked as a senior research scientist with major manufacturing companies (eg: Airbus, Comau, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Hydro, Fiat) to improve workplace learning and productivity.

His expertise resulted in award winning game-based learning solutions with measurable impact on learner knowledge acquisition.




Solutions architect
Game-based learning


Joao is a master technologist and solutions architect with extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions.
After more than a decade as a consultant at Microsoft, he coordinated and led the implementation of complex systems in areas ranging from sensor data systems to agriculture and seaborne sensor systems at Uavision.
He successfully founded HighSkillz and built a strong team responsible for creating award winning VR game-based learning solutions. HighSkillz’s achievements include the multiple award-winning Child-Witness Interview Simulator for the Centre of Policing Research and Learning and the CEDR Mediation Simulator.
Process mining
Workflow management
Machine learning


Felix worked as a research scientist at SINTEF, developing process mining methods to provide deep worker activity insights. His focus is the combination of machine learning to detect and identify relevant activities (activity recognition) and a process-centric view on the work execution (workflow management, process mining).
He holds a PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology and contributed significantly to the leading open-source Process Mining software ProM and bupaR.


Augmented reality
Game-Low-level estimation
Mapping / Tracking


Simon, a reader at University College London, helped develop one of the most widely used algorithms for estimation (the unscented Kalman filter) and worked extensively on filtering and estimation when the full dependency structure is not known (covariance intersection).
He has also worked on low-level estimation, mapping and tracking as well as high-level augmented reality and user interfaces.
Machine learning
User interfaces


Youngjun worked as a senior researcher and specialist at LG Electronics. During this time, he was responsible for several innovations including novel 3D input and gesture recognition technologies used as advanced touch screen solutions in vehicles.
His inventions were successfully commercialised in collaboration with automobile manufacturers including Porsche and BMW.